We offer different grades of demineralized water to suit the various needs of industrial businesses.

  • Water grade according to your application (reverse osmosis, deionized, distilled)
  • Just-in-time production (freshness and quality warranty)
  • Volume discount available (up to 41 000 litres/delivery)
  • Tankers dedicated to water (fewer risks of contamination)
  • No intermediaries (one-stop shop for water and transport)

Many industries need specialized water as part of their operations. In order to fulfill those needs, Bel-O Transports offers demineralized water transport services. Several demineralization methods and grades are available depending on clients’ requirements. As all of our tankers are dedicated for potable water transport and since they are controlled by Quebec government, our customers can be sure to receive a high-quality product. Tanker rental is also possible if needed.

Here are some fields that might need that service:

  • Aeronautical industry
  • Geothermal industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cleaning products manufacturers
  • Paint manufacturers
  • Tank watertightness testing


10 PPM




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"You offer a very good service and are efficient at tracking orders. I appreciated that I am advised quickly whenever there are any changes."

Léo Benjamin, Coordonnateur
Transports Québec

"I appreciate your dedication to the success of my company. More than just a supplier, you have become a business partner."

Yvon François Martineau, Président
Les Eaux Blue Orchid Inc.

"For the past 15 years, Bel-O has been our best partner. Their professionalism and efficiency have been precious allies in our development."

Pascale Pépin, Controlleure
Polar Distribution

"I take this opportunity to thank your team for the excellent service you have offered us over the past 2 years. Your punctuality as well as your professionalism are greatly appreciated and allow us to offer excellent service to our clients."

Jennifer Gibbins, Administratrice de Contrat Senior - Québec - ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd.