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About us

Our story

Our story

Founded in 1989, Bel-O Transports is a family-owned business that began by addressing a simple but essential need : transporting drinking water for swimming pool filling. This foundational service has laid the groundwork for what we are today—a leader in the bulk transport of food products and other essential liquids across Quebec, Ontario, and into the Maritime provinces.

Over the years, our offerings have diversified. We now transport a wide range of products, including vegetable oil, wine, and liquid sugar, meeting the varied needs of our clients while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Committed to sustainable development, we have begun transitioning to more ecological practices. Our environmental commitment is particularly reflected in the electrification of our tank unloading operations, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and affirming our role as pioneers in the bulk transport industry.

At Bel-O Transports, we are proud of our journey and passionate about our future, dedicated to innovating and continuously improving our services to better serve our clients and protect our planet.